Two-Piece Threaded Coupling Shaft Option

Our custom Two-Piece Threaded Coupling Shaft Option solves two issues not available with the standard telescopic shaft.

Much Shorter

Telescopic shafts require a 3 to 4 inch overlapping section. That's not really a problem for a 35 inch putter which collapses to about 22 inches because that is still short enough to fit into a roller bag. But a 50-inch chest putter collapses to about 36 inches (91.4 cm). It can't be cut in the exact middle because of the long parallel grip section. 36 inches is short enough for a golf travel bag, but not for a smaller roller bag. Our custom Two-Piece Threaded Coupling solves that because the coupling is installed in exactly the middle of the shaft and adds only 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) for the threads. So a conventional 35 inch putter becomes two sections that are just 18 inches long. A 50 inch chest putter becomes two sections that are 25.5 inches long (64.77 cm).

Curved Shafts

Telescopic shafts must be straight. But many modern putters have curved shafts to create offset alignment. Our Two-Piece Threaded Coupling Option accommodates curved putter shafts because we can cut them above the bends. So if you want to send us your bent putter, we can convert it into a 2-piece shaft with our Threaded Coupling. We machine the coupling to fit the diameter of your shaft at the mid-point.


These threaded couplings are VERY solid. They are the same coupling that we installed on the 9-Foot putters used by the Werner Ladder Company in their convention booths. These extra long exhibition putters have 3 sections with multiple couplings. See the picture below.


The couplings are made from zinc-plated steel. The reason we don't use stainless steel or aluminum is because those materials gall more easily and the threads will seize together. Zinc-plated threads are anti-seize and are the most durable. This material is rust-resistant, but not rust-proof. So we recommend spraying the coupling with WD-40 or any type of lubricant a couple times a year.


The threaded couplings are all custom-machined, so the set-up and machining shop time is substantial. It costs $250 to make and install a coupling on your shaft.


With this threaded-coupling option, we would not be changing your grip unless you want us to. It is important to understand that we can’t make flat-sided grips line up with the head and remain that way. There is an element of break-in for the threads which means they “get closer together” as they smooth out from use. So an aligned grip won’t stay aligned. For that reason, it is best to use a round grip for threaded-coupling shafts. If your grip is not round, we can install our standard grip for an additional $10, or you can supply a grip when you ship your club to us and we will install it at no charge which includes drilling a hole in the end to accommodate the collapsing cap.

If you are interested in this option, please contact us to discuss it further. Because it is a custom option, it is not available on our online ordering site.

Note: Threaded couplings cannot be used on full-swing clubs because of their effect on flex and weight. They are only available for putters.


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World's Longest Driver