Here is a review of how I use my Divnick Telescopic Clubs

I went on a vacation last September to the UK and Spain. I took the train from London to Edinburgh. Of course I had to play a round at St Andrews, and a few others along the way as I drove from Edinburgh to Inverness , flew to Spain and back again to London before flying home. With all that "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" movement, luggage economy of size and weight was PARAMOUNT; so my regular clubs had to stay behind.

I brought along my Divnick travel set; 5 clubs which fit easily in a single roller suitcase. I knew from experience that renting clubs was hit or miss, and pricey if available. My travel set does not perform exactly like my regular clubs but the trade off in weight, size, convenience and cost saving makes it worth it. They feel sturdy and reliable when I hit the ball. Most people think they are too gimmicky for them to perform well, but are surprised at how they feel and perform when they try them.

I have had the adjustable iron for over 20 years and it still works well. I wanted to expand with some additional clubs, so I added the T&F to cover my driver and 3-wood. I use the 4-hybrid as the gap club between the T&F and the adjustable iron, and included the 56 degree sand wedge and putter.

Steve was quick with responding to my emails and great to work with. We tweaked the T&F shaft to 43 inches, and got just what I wanted for the 4-hybrid length too.. He sent me a new grip with the collapsing cap to upgrade my iron, and swapped the Mallet putter to a regular head after I had a change of heart, with no issues whatsoever. I have taken my travel clubs with me on several business trips and a few times to Mexico for vacation. I still get a kick at the number to times the folks at the Pro shop, my playing partners and the caddies have commented "That's all?" when they see my clubs.

Michelle L.


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World's Longest Driver

When we say "Big Stik" we mean really BIG STIK! It is 5-Feet long and has a massive DOUBLE SIZE head! It can hit the ball out of sight! Of course, it is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL!

Designed for Outing Fund Raising...and the golfer who "thinks" he has everything!

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World's Longest Driver