Join the Ebike Golf Movement

As we kick off the movement to combine ebiking and golf, this page will include articles and other information about how golf courses are welcoming golfers with ebikes.

We are including an opportunity for golfers to sign a "Petition for Ebikes on Golf Courses " below that encourages golf courses to welcome ebikes in an effort to support the golf industry quest to speed up the game and appeal to more golfers.

We will soon begin a Facebook Group where you can share stories, pictures, videos, and questions with other ebike golfers.

We hope to see "ebike golf outings" and many other events that promote the ebike golf movement.

How to Approach Golf Courses

Click here to see some suggested wording for how to approach your local golf course. This will continuously be updated as the market develops.


Petition for Ebikes on Golf Courses

Please copy and paste the petition below into an email and send it to Feel free to modify or add anything that you wish. We will NOT show, share, or sell your email address in any form unless you add it to the text.

We would also encourage you to ask all your golfing friends to submit the same email. Even if they aren't intersted in getting an ebike, everyone can support speeding up play. The more letters we can accumulate, the greater the effect on golf courses. You can just forward your email to them asking them to type in their name and location, then send it to

Subject: Petition of Support for Ebikes on Your Golf Course

Dear Course Manager;


I support the golf industry quest for speeding up the game. I encourage you to welcome ebikes on your golf course to help accomplish that.


[If this applies] I own or am getting an ebike and will come spend money at your golf course if you allow ebikes.


Your Name
City, State or Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country


Ebike Tax Credit Legislation

Several countries already have tax incentives to promote ebikes for transportion in an effort to reduce automobile emmissions. In the United States, "The EBIKE Act. - H.R. 1019" seeks to relieve 30% of the cost (up to $1,500) of a new electric bicycle for consumers. You can sign a petition of support that will be sent to your local congressional representative on


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