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Divnick International Inc, and its related companies, are as varied as the inventions themselves. People often ask how these diverse product lines are related. The answer is that they are connected by the interests of Steve Divnick.

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Following is a list of the Divnick International family of companies and product lines.

Spiral Wishing Wells

Over $1 billion has been raised around the world for various charities, museums, zoos, and other organizations in these amazing coin funnels.

Vortx® Mini-Well Toy and Coin Bank

The Mini-Well Vortx® model is a popular toy. It is fun for children, and appeals to parents because it encourages saving money and scientific discovery. You can move it in a circular motion to create centrifugal force and make the coins climb back UP the funnel. Our "Student Guide" includes lessons about the physics of the funnel, planetary orbits, tornados, and whirlpools.

Adjustable Loft Telescopic "Whole-In-One" Club

Play the whole game with just one club. The transmission adjusts to all the traditional lofts, plus half-lofts. You can also include your name or corporate logo.

Telescopic Drivers, Putters, and other Clubs

In addition to the Adjustable Loft club, we make telescopic drivers, putters, and a full line of travel clubs.

The World's Longest & Largest Driver

This completely illegal driver is MUCH longer and larger than the legal limit. We designed it as an exhibition club for fund raising at charity golf outings where everyone gets a chance to hit it. It can also be purchased for the golfer who "thinks" he has everything...but doesn't! Check it out. Let your charity contacts know about it.

The DivnickGolf Ebike Golf Bag Carrier

One of our latest inventions is the "Auto-Tilt Golf Bag Carrier" as our entry into the "Single-Rider Device Contest" designed to speed up the game which will attract and retain more golfers. Ebikes let you fly around the course in record time. They have "Intelligent Pedal Assist" so you can get as much exercise as you want, or let the bike do all the work. Click here or on the picture to read more about ebikes and the Golf Bag Carriers.

Voxwire Online Voice and Video Conferencing Systems

Divnick was a pioneer in the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) industry. He founded Voxwire in 2002 and developed it into one of the premier online virtual meeting room providers in the world. Divnick also licensed the technology to other resellers and eventually sold Voxwire. Virtual meetings and VOIP technology are now used by millions of people, businesses, schools, churches, and governments around the world with companies like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Go To Meeting.

Houseboat and Yacht Boat Lifts

Our proprietary boat lifts offer many benefits not found on other lifts. Unlike sloping ramps, they operate straight up and down which allows your ski boat, wakeboard boat, or fishing boat to be loaded backwards if you need to work on the engine, prop, or outdrive.

An added benefit is that the lift becomes a submersible swim platform for family fun, or reading a book on a hot day while sitting in a submerged chair!

PWC Rails

We have created two styles of innovative after-market PWC Rails for houseboats, yachts, private docks and piers. These include Ride-On-Self-Leveling models that would make James Bond jealous, and Winch-Up models that mount on swim platforms and tilt up out of the way when not in use. Click here to see pictures and descriptions.

(PWC is short for "Personal Water Craft" such as Seadoos, Yamaha Waverunners, Polaris, Kawasaki, and other jet skis)

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Influence on the Golf Industry

Steve Divnick is considered by many in the golf industry as, “The Most Interesting Man in Golf” for his unique golf inventions and manufacturing innovations for over 30 years. He has had the opportunity to participate in golf industry leadership meetings and has met a lot of interesting people along the way.

He is an advocate for speeding up the game in order to attract more golfers and ensure the long term health of the game. The golf industry has seen a 15-year decline with many course closures and shrinking numbers of regular players. The industry is trying to find ways to appeal to younger golfers to replace the aging Baby Boomers. The “Covid Bounce” has helped bring people to the game, but it is wearing off because it doesn’t address the most expensive part of the game, time.

It takes too long to play 18 holes. Older golfers are not replacing themselves with their children, and if that isn’t solved, golf can end up going back to an elite sport that only the rich can afford. Divnick’s clubs have helped to get more people out on the course in a number of ways, especially golfers who travel, seniors who want to be able to walk but can't carry or push a fulls set of clubs, and the convenience of playing a quick 9 holes with one club. Many in the industry, including well known professionals like Jack Nichlaus are encouraging golf courses to adapt to shorter rounds and to do other things that make it more attractive in the modern era.

Golfers who travel by air are leaving their full sets at home because of how expensive it is to pay the bag fees or to ship their clubs ahead. Divnick’s telescopic clubs travel free...inside the first checked bag. It is no wonder that they are selling at a faster rate now than ever before.

Divnick also recommends that golf courses deemphasize the strict USGA Rules that are important for tour players, but not as important when the goal is to have fun in a more social event. Divnick encourages player-friendly rules such as playing the ball "up" (lift, clean, and place) in the fairway AND rough, only penalizing a stroke for lost balls but not having to go back to the tee, a maximum score of 2 over par, and moving to forward tees so that hitting greens in regulation is more reasonable. For amateur players, it is more about having fun than playing by the same rules as professionals.

Divnick's latest invention is ebikes for golf and the “Golf Bag Carrier” that attaches to the rear rack where it not only carriers the clubs but also becomes the kick stand. Ebikes speed up the game because you can ride to your own ball and don’t have to wait on a riding partner. They have “pedal assist” so they also offer exercise…as much as the rider wants…or as little since they can also use the throttle and ride it like a scooter if they don’t want to pedal. Unlike other “single-rider” devices that can only be used on the golf course, ebike are less than half the cost and they can be ridden to-and-from the golf course, and for all types of other riding…family rides, local errands, and they are great on the back of RV’s. Divnick says, “If we can get everyone on the course on their own wheels, whether a cart of an ebike, we can easily speed up the rounds to less than 3 hours and attract more golfers.”


At the PGA Show, Chi Chi Rodríguez had a chance to swing the Big Stik Driver. He is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame and is one of the all-time most entertaining characters of golf. After taking a couple of swings with the 5-Foot driver he said, “This giant club makes me feel like a small boy, not the big man that I really am!” He’s 5’7”.

Top 100 Most Influential Golf Companies

We are very proud to be included in the, "Top 100 Most Influential Golf Companies." We were selected because of our innovation and longevity in the industry since 1992.


Click here to read about the history of unique clubs developed by Steve Divnick's grandfather, including a custom 5-Foot driver for Robert Wadlow, The World's Tallest Man at 8' 11", and baseball bats for Babe Ruth!

Click here to see a super-long BIG STIK we made for The Trick Shot Master, along with other unique clubs including a 4-headed driver, and a 9-foot putter. Can you imagine a 30-foot driver?



We encourage fast play (ready golf) and the PGA and USGA recommendation to "Tee It Forward". It's simple. If you don't consistently reach the green, or at least consistently hit it far enough to reach it, then we recommend moving up to the next tees. Forward tees are similar to a handicap...a way to make the game more competitive, reasonably challenging, and more fun.