Testimony About the Whole-In-One Adjustable

Published with permission

We thank Ethan Williams for contributing this report.

I ordered three Divnick Adjustables…one for my dad, one for my brother, and one for myself. We have all had different opportunities to use the clubs throughout the world. My dad has used his in Japan and a variety of courses in the USA. My brother has used his in Montana, California, Minnesota, and locally as well. I’ve had the opportunity to use mine locally and in Brazil.

The Divnick Whole-In-One is a great way to combine travel and golf and is simple to use. I’ve used it many times and I’m always satisfied with its performance. It is very solid. I’ve never had to worry about the Divnick holding up over a round. The adjusting mechanism and the collapsible shaft are well made.

Adjusting the loft is easy following the instructions and how-to videos. While the perfect sweet spot can sometimes be elusive, it definitely gets the job done, I also tend to hit the ball 10-20 yards farther than I do my regular clubs from 7 iron position on down. At home courses, I include the club in my Sunday bag for walking, along with a driver, wedges, and putter. It makes for an easy and light round and I always have the club I need.

Due to Covid restrictions many of my family’s travel plans were canceled. My wife and I planned to visit her family in Brazil. My brother and his wife, along with my father and mother planned on visiting my sister in Japan. Since international travel went out the window we all decided to take a trip to Florida together. We booked a round at a course in Fort Lauderdale and walked an easy 9 holes while our wives went to the beach. It was the first time we all played together using the Divnick. We only checked one bag on the trip for all 3 families and all 3 Divnick clubs easily fit in our suitcase!

I also want to compliment you on your outstanding service and communication. I placed my order when you were sold out because of the huge response from the Rick Shiels Youtube video review. But your communication was excellent including the updates and personalized tracking confirmation. If I ran a business I would want my customer service and support to be modeled after yours.

Thanks again,

Ethan Williams, Kentucky USA

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