Gentleman Gouffers of Gargunnock

On a cool morning in June of 2017, 6 men from Cincinnati Ohio teed off from the eastern coast of Scotland near Edinburgh.

They continued to hit their golf balls over hill and dale, through town and garden, out of thistle and dung…over 6,000 strokes...for 5 days until they reached the western shore of Scotland where they hit their balls out into the ocean.

They carried their camping gear, stopped at pubs to quench their thirst, met new friends, and slept wherever they could pitch their tents.

Why you ask? Because they could.

And to raise money for charity.

You can read their story on and see lots of pictures and videos on Map tracking and hundreds more pictures and videos are on

“We hit thousands of shots off of roads, rail road tracks, rocks, dirt, roots, and gnarly gorse bushes. The Divnick Adjustable clubs withstood the conditions and performed magnificently. They were solid and durable throughout our coast-to-coast adventure. Thank you for the fast service and support. I will certainly be using my Divnick from time to time and always on vacation. It’s like having a caddie – arms free, enjoying the walk, nothing to keep track of or walk back and get after sinking a putt. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the way golf was meant to be played!”

Chris Shepard, West Chester, Ohio USA


If you would like to plan a unique trip and hit balls along the way, or off the top of Mt. Everest or some other unique location, we would love to feature your story.

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