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Please watch out for scams that copy our information, pictures, and testimonies, and offer our club for just a few dollars. They take in money but don't have any products to ship. They sell the identity and card details to others who can run up thousands of dollars of charges. They typically advertise on Facebook and other social media. If you have seen an advertisement like that, please forward it to and we will report them. Unfortunately, when PayPal or others close their accounts, they just create a new website domain and continue taking money from unsuspecting people. If you made the mistake of placing an order with them, send an email to me and I will provide instructions for how to get your money back. But you must act quickly. And by all means, immediately get a new card number to prevent additional damage. I am sorry there are scammers out there who do that kind of thing.



A special welcome to those who have come to our website after seeing one of the several YouTube reviews about our unique golf club. One of the videos by Rick Shiels has had over a million views and still counting. If you missed that video, we have embedded it here for your review.


The DIVNICK "Whole-In-One"
Adjustable Loft Telescopic Shaft Golf Club


Play the whole game with one club! Join THOUSANDS of golfers
around the world who are using this unique golf club.

It's a putter, driver, a full set of irons, and 8 wedges. You can even lock it on HALF LOFTS! Click the picture to see a close-up of the club and lofts.

It makes a great travel golf club. It now costs $25 to $75 per flight to check your full-size golf bag. But you can put your Whole-In-One Adjustable inside your checked bag AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! Our clubs fly free! Click here to read more about baggage fees and TSA Rules.

Even if you don't travel very much, many people enjoy it on their local courses without having to lug a full set of clubs around. Some customers keep it in their car for that quick unscheduled round, or to get a few swings in between appointments.

Simple, durable, solid: To adjust the loft, you simply unscrew the lever one turn, shift the transmission so the arrow points to the desired loft, and tighten the lever.

Click here to see a close-up picture of the club and lofts.

The short video above describes a simplified version of ratcheting the head to set the loft. A more detailed video is on our operating instructions page, along with demonstrations of extending, collapsing, realigning the black lever, and much more. Click here to see detailed operating instructions and videos.

According to independent laboratory robot tests, the DIVNICK telescopic adjustable golf club hits farther and is an unprecedented 21% more accurate than standard clubs! We didn't expect that.

Golf Magazine: "Solid . . . 3 1/2 out of 4 stars!"

Click here to see more reports and testimonies.

Adjustable Golf Clubs

Adjustable Golf Clubs


  • No heavy, clumsy heads to exchange
  • Rock-solid telescopic 3-piece shaft
  • Extends to the length of a 4-iron***
  • Closes to only 17" (43cm)***
  • Fits in a small brief case
  • Internal vernier differential transmission
  • All irons, including half lofts
  • Includes putter, driver, and 8 wedges
  • Quick-lock unbreakable adjustment lever
  • Automatic progressive shaft offset
  • Perimeter weighting
  • Great for travel

***The shaft is not adjustable-length. It is either fully-extended or collapsed. Click here to read the FAQ about how to simulate different lengths. (opens in a separate browser window)

CLICK HERE to see a full size picture of the head and lofts



Adjustable Golf ClubsFREE BAG in September!

For orders received in September we will include the $20 custom nylon golf bag that has three zippered compartments which hold several balls, your wallet and keys, your cell phone, and all the other stuff you like to carry! The bag is worn as a fanny pack while playing, and when play is over, the telescopic Whole-In-One Adjustable Club is collapsed and fits completely into the bag for storage. It has an adjustable-length strap so one size fits all.


"My husband loves this club...kept going on about how great it was that I found something he didn't already have!" Janice Hoover

"The DIVNICK is a high performance club and quality executive gift with innovative state-of-the-art workmanship and attention to detail. The performance, convenience, and quality make it worthy of giving, a joy to receive, and a pleasure to use." Chuck Lanczkowski, McDonnel Douglas Corporation


Personalization Options

Adjustable Golf ClubsThe standard club is shown here in the first picture. You can add your name under a beautiful polyurethane dome which we refer to as a "Polydome".

Adjustable Golf ClubsIf you are getting it for someone else, it becomes a personalized gift for your favorite golfer—husband, wife, parent, customer, or boss. Options include initials, a name, a company name, a phrase, or all of the above...whatever you want. Obviously, the more print, the smaller it has to be to fit into the available space (about 1 inch by 2 inches. Click here or on the picture to see an enlarged view of this photo. This option is only $10 when ordered with the club ($20 separately). This is a simple "type-setting" option. Logo and photo options are described below.

Custom Personalization

Adjustable Golf Clubs

We can also make custom personalization with your choice of font, color and backgrounds such as your country's flag or your college or a photo as illustrated above and in the pictures below. If we can pull an image off the internet or you can send us a .jpg, we can waive the set-up fees (normally $100) and do this for the same as our corporate logo Polydomes described below...just $25. Let us know if you want something special for Polydome personalization and we will answer all your questions before you make a final decision and place your order.

Alignment and Shaft-Hold Ridge

In addition to the loft adjusting transmission and telescopic shaft, another unique patented feature of our adjustable club is a raised ridge down the front of the hosel. This white paint-filled ridge serves two purposes:

1) It is a visual alignment aid to help you make sure your club is square to the target at address which makes it easier to be square on contact.

2) The raised ridge frictionally engages and holds the shaft when in the closed position. This is a nice feature that makes it easy to carry the closed club and keep it from unintentionally extending.

Adjustable Golf Clubs



"It's much easier to carry than my heavy bag! I want 2 more---one as a gift for my mother and one for my husband." Susan Schieman, Accountant

Click here to see more reports and testimonies.


College and Country Flag Polydome Logos

If you want your college logo on your club, we can easily get it off the school's website. We can include your name too. This custom option is available for $25.

Adjustable Golf ClubsAdjustable Golf ClubsAdjustable Golf Clubs

Adjustable Golf ClubsAdjustable Golf ClubsAdjustable Golf Clubs

Adjustable Golf Clubs  Adjustable Golf Clubs  Adjustable Golf Clubs

Click here to read more about custom logos.

Corporate Polydome Logos

One of the most popular options is to add a Polydome with your corporate logo. We can include personal names too! Click here to see more corporate logos. Corporate Logo options are $25 and we can usually waive set up fees if we don't have to manipulate your logo very much.

Adjustable Golf ClubsAdjustable Golf ClubsAdjustable Golf Clubs

Special September Discount: Through the end of September , you can get a Whole-In-One Adjustable Club for $199 which is $50 off the normal $249 price. Plus, we will include the $20 custom bag FREE for a $70 TOTAL DISCOUNT! And if you purchase 2 or more, you can get them for $179 each, a $90 TOTAL DISCOUNT, and an ADDITIONAL 10% when you order 3 or more clubs!

****These special prices expire at midnight on the last day of September ****



September Special 3-Club Set Discount

Order ANY 3 or more clubs and get an additional 10% Discount!

Most Popular 3-Club-Set

While the "Whole-In-One Divnick Adjustable Club" can play the whole game, it is most like an iron. As a 4-iron length, it can't generate as much club-head speed as a driver. And it is the most unlike a putter in terms of length, shape, weight, and feel. So many customers also purchase a "Tee & Fairway" Driver, and a Telescopic-Putter to go with their Adjustable. You can bomb it off the tee and hit long fairway shots with the TF Driver, replicate all your irons and wedges with the Adjustable, and putt with a normal length and feel with a Telescopic Putter...and they all fit into a checked roller bag so you don't have to pay all that money to the airlines to check a full golf bag! Remember, "Our Clubs Fly Free!"

If you place your order in September for the Adjustable, TF Driver, and Putter (or any 3 clubs) we will give you an additional 10% discount on the total product cost. That's in ADDITION to the individual September discounts which are significant. This discount will also apply to a Sunday Bag, and any other additional clubs you order at the same time.

Click here to read more about our Telescopic Drivers, Putters, Hybrids, and Wedges.



Smackdown at Pebble Beach

Golf Magazine reviewed our Adjustable club when it first went on the market back in the early 1990's when they gave it a 3.5 out of 4 star rating. A few years later, they compared it to "The Perfect Club" in what they called a "Smackdown at Pebble Beach." It is a cleverly-written and entertaining article. As you would expect, the Whole-In-One was " inside of 100 yards," and "...closed out the competition!" Click here to read that article.

Adjustable Golf ClubsSponsor-a-Soldier

The Whole-In-One Adjustable is very popular with military all over the world. We have special military options, and you can order one for someone in the military if you wish.

Click here to read more about our Sponsor-a-Soldier options and see some of the service logo Polydomes.

"The DIVNICK is very solid and hits about 25 yards farther than my clubs. It's easy to adjust and won't slow play. It's terrific and I strongly recommend it for casual play. Of course, it cannot be used for tournament play." Jason Hadden, Touring Pro

Click here to see more reports and testimonies.

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Special September Discount: Through the end of September, you can get a Whole-In-One Adjustable Club for $199 which is $50 off the normal $249 price, and we will include the $20 custom bag FREE. And if you purchase 2 or more, you can get them for $179 each, a $70 discount, and an ADDITIONAL 10% when you order 3 or more clubs!

*These special prices expire at midnight on the last day of September .*

World's Longest Driver

When we say "Big Stik" we mean really BIG STIK! It is 5-Feet long and has a massive DOUBLE SIZE head! It can hit the ball out of sight! Of course, it is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL!

Designed for Outing Fund Raising...and the golfer who "thinks" he has everything!

Click here to read more about this unique exhibition driver.

If you participate in any charity golf outings, we have a turn-key package that easily raises over $1,000 using this club on one of the holes where everyone gets to try it. Click here to read about the fund-raising program.


World's Longest Driver